NBC Air Filtration Unit

One of the most important pieces of equipment inside a bomb shelter is the air system.  NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) air filters provide another layer of protection, ensuring your most vital resource remains pure and untainted by harmful contaminates.

Air System Installation

The two blast valves mount over the intake and outflow penetration pipes with the included concrete wedge anchors and heavy duty gasket. Once they are in place, the battery and the automatic ventilation blower are mounted where the flexible air intake hose can reach them both. (Emergency hand-crank override is mounted next to the hose.) This hose can be slipped right onto the intake blast valve, or plastic pipe can be used to plumb down from a top mounted blast valve – as shown in the picture. That’s it for the intake. On the outflow, the over-pressure valve is slipped onto the outflow blast valve. That’s it. Everything goes together with nuts and bolts. Easy installation!