Adults Sheltered


Months Food Storage


Square Feet Floor Space


Cubic Feet Under-Storage

8x10 Underground Shelter - $19,999

An all-in-one disaster shelter, BombNado protects against nuclear fallout, chemical or biological contamination, tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires and home invasions. 


This 100% steel underground shelter can facilitate 3-4 adults.  BombNado all-in-one disaster shelters include NBC air filtration systems, LED lights and oak laminate flooring.

Available Upgrades

Shelter upgrades include collapsible bunk-beds, collapsible couches, composting toilets or traditional wet-plumbing, sinks and vanities, electric inlets, flat-screen TV, alternative energy.

Multi-functional Uses

The steel engineering allows the shelter to self-cool once installed. It can also be used as a root cellar, wine cellar, storage vault for irreplaceable possessions or an underground gun safe.

A Multi-functional Underground Shelter

Clever ideas to make the most out of your steel underground shelter. 
The Wine Cellar Bomb Shelter

BombNado can be used for so much more than just the incidental emergency. Once installed, the steel shelter stays naturally cool making it a perfect place to store a wine cellar. Store your emergency essentials under the floor and keep the wine above!

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